We've had so many great builder photos come in over the years that we wanted to present all of the Buider Photo Pages in one area. This should make it a bit easier to explore all the types of work these builders are doing! All of the projects shown on these pages were completed by Backyard Builders like yourself.

We love to get photos from builders; it has been one of the most rewarding aspects of creating DIY projects over the past forty years. If you have a project (completed or just underweigh), please send us photos or videos and we'll put them up on these pages for the world to see. If you'd like to give visitors a way to get in touch, just let us know and we can include your email or website info.

There are hundreds of photos on these pages, so please be sure to scroll down the pages to see everything! Some our builders have sent in a bunch of shots (thank you!) and we usually post these together on a separate page; keep an eye open for links to these pages.

Most of the photos on all the pages link to larger versions if you click on them!
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