Kevin Green, Kemp, TX
Mr. Kevin Greeen made this terrific Wing-Dinghy out of cardboard for a race in Texas! He's a master with paper boats; check out the really amazing paper models of the Weekender, Vacationer, and Pocket Cruiser he did.

You can download your own version free from Kevin's site: Click Here!

Modified Wing-Dinghy

Stephan James, Mt. Home, ID

Steve DeVries, Shawnee, KS
Mr. Steve DeVries sent us these pictures of his Wing-Dinghy named "Daisy". He's done a great job with the boat and enjoys sailing it. We particularly like the daisy logo on the sail and the graphics on the hull. Nice Job!

Dan Ortiz, Converse, TX
Mr. Ortiz sent us this picture of his recently-completed Wing-Dinghy. He's done a very nice job, and has added a few personal touches: red oak plywood for the deck and an aluminum rudder box. He's having fun sailing around the San Antonio area, but may be working on a Weekender soon, so that may keep him busy for awhile! We look forward to more project shots of Mr. Ortiz' growing fleet.

Don Willets
Don sent us a few shots of his nice looking Wing-Dinghy. To quote Mr. Willets: "I'm enclosing a few pictures of the "Winged Dingy" which I recently built and it sails beautifully. Actually, it's quite fast and tacks well... a really fun little boat in a good breeze!"

We think he did a great job building his boat and we thank him again for the pictures