Timothy VanAntwerp,
Mr. VanAntwerp has sent us a bunch of great shots of his pretty Triad, in construction, on the water, and a few portraits on the lawn!

It looks like they're having great fun with the boat and we're glad: That's the idea!

There are so many nice photographs that we have given them a page of their own: Click Here to see them!

Lou Arballo

Daniel Dick, MA

Chris Nelms
Mr. Nelms has submitted these photos of his Triad-in-progress. It looks like it's going to be a good looking job.

Modified Triad, John Thorpe
Mr. Thorpe sent us these shots of his very nice triad. He made a few changes: Most notably, the rig is now a lug-sail rather than lateen in the plans. He's also added a few cockpit coamings to cut water entry down a bit. It looks like John cut the sides down a little too. A nice looking sailboat!

Andre Emmenegger

Tarpon Springs, FL

This makes a nice package on the trailer;
all ready to go exploring!
Mr. Andre Emmenegger has sent some pictures of his Triad. He's modified the boat a bit to allow it to hang from davits. This looks like a slick set-up. He also beefed up the keel and glassed the hull to help protect it from the rocks and sand when beaching. A very nice job, and our thanks to Mr. Emmenegger.