The Amphora is a boat project very close to our hearts: designed originally as a project for young builders, but very useful and fun for older builders as well. We built another Amphora for ourselves nearly forty years after our first! It's a good, simple project which seems to stand the test of time...

We are very happy to share these photos of wonderful Amphorae from many of our young builders. Our heartfelt congratulations to them on building these beautiful boats, and our thanks for sharing their photos!

Amphora, Alexander Gudschinsky, AK

This Amphora was built by Alexander Gudschinsky, with help from his sister Laura and father Mark. If you have a copy of The Amphora, you'll understand the shot above with Alexander reclining in his nearly-finished Amphora! Great job, and a new look for our boats; I haven't ever seen this paint scheme on one of our boats. Nice job Alexander!

A note from Mr. Guschinsky about the project:

Here is Alexander Gudschinsky's Swimmer. Built by Alexander with help
from his sister Laura, and Dad.

Alexander and Laura did all of the lofting. Alexander did all of the
cutting but he made Dad do most of the sanding. The design for the paint
job is 100% Alexander's.

He was in a race to complete his boat with the builders of the Amphora
Dragon, so he ended up launching in the ice filled waters of the Chena
River in Fairbanks Alaska. The race isn't finished though. There is an
ongoing challange to see which Capian and Crew can find the most sunken
artifacts by summers end.


Mark Gudschinsky

Amphora, Brian Matthews, Canada

Wow — We didn't expect to see any of the little Amphora being built again, as the book that design was in went out of print decades ago. Nonetheless, at least three have been built this early 2004 season! Very cool; the Amphora is one of our favorites. We may just have to bring the plan back...In the meantime, look on for used copies of The Amphora, by Peter Stevenson. It was the second book in a trilogy of project books for younger builders (ten and up about), along with The Buffy-Porson (how to build a coaster car) and Farming In Boxes (a greenhouse project.)

Mr. Matthews sent us several pics of his beautiful Amphora above, as well as a very nice Weekender also, so we put them on a separate page: Click Here to see the photos!

I love the look of unrepentant scalawags in these guys! Proud, and rightfully so...
Another well-earned rest!
Amphora, The Lucketts, MI
Another of 2004's season of Amphorae. The Dragon was built by the two young fellows Sam and Ben above (looking justifiably proud of their new craft!) There was a bit of a race this spring between two groups of young builders, the Luckett's in Michigan and the Gudschinskys in Alaska! The Alaskan crew got their boat in the water a nose ahead, but we think both groups are winners! Well done to you all, and we look forward to more shots when you start exploring this summer!