Jim Holman,
Carmel, Ca
Jim Holman has finished a new Vector! His is the blue-and-grey one in these shots (the white-and-harlequin car is Peter Stevenson's). It's been far too long since we've had a Vector and when Peter Stevenson decided to make another one, two of his friends thought they'd like to get in on the fun too! Mr. Sjoberg, up in Oakland is just about to paint his Vector and we're looking forward to posting pics of that one soon as well.

We'll post some sailing shots and videos as soon as we get them...Thanks, Jim!

Click on the photos for larger versions.

Tom Suppa, Lincoln, NE

A Vector! We're very glad to see that Mr. Suppa has built a Vector (on the right above); it's one of our favorite projects. In the shot above, Mr. Suppa is joined by Mr. Konrad Broer who built his landsailer as well. Mr. Broer is also built a Vacationer (pictures of his Vacationer are on the Builder Photos page on the Vacationer Page.) Mr. Broer had bet Mr. Suppa that he couldn't build his Vector in a month. Mr. Suppa was sailing in just over a week!

Lincoln looks like a fun town to go sailing in! Thanks!