Rick Szulikowski, Toronto, Canada
The Kayak must make a good fishing boat.Not just because of this nice photo, but the experiences we have had with our SoleXplor solar boats (when they were configured for fishing) leads us to beleive that fishing with electric-powered boats really increases one's luck! The quiet motors, the lack of petrochemical scents in the water, the shapes which look a bit like a floating log, who knows?

It just seems we catch more when we're on electric machines.

Bill Welsh, Hampstead, NC
Mr. Welsh sent us this picture of the Kayak he just finished. He states that it took about 40 hours and a bit over $200. Very nice job! So far, he's taken the Kayak on the North East Cape Fear River and the Inter Coastal Waterway. We look forward to seeing more from Mr. Welsh!

Mark Peterson, Othello, WA

Mr. Peterson built this Kayak from our plans back in 1980. He's thinking about doing a Skipjack next.

No Name

Modified Kayak, Paul Stevens, TN
These are a good look at the construction phase of the Kayak project. It's a pretty simple project, and a good starting point if you're looking to get into building boats. Mr. Stevens has modified this Kayak a little as he's going to be setting it up with outriggers for sailing.

Thanks for the shots Paul!