Mike Doyle, OH

Mr. Doyle has sent us these great shots of the Mini-Indy he built for his daughter Katy. She chose the number ten for her car because that was her age this summer (sounds pretty familiar; one of us here had a pedal racer with the number three for our age!). It looks like Katy's going to have some fun with her new racer! Mr. Doyle is a high school teacher who helps kids get their hands dirty building projects. He's working on a Vector landsailer as well. Perhaps the Dayton area will become home to some new racing groups!

Donald Lassiter, NC
Mr. Lassiter also built a Vacationer and a Weekender.
We no longer have the details of this Mini-Indy II, but do recall it was built by a school group. Great hands-on project building!

Garry Shirts, Del Mar, CA
The Shirts family and the Stevenson familys have been friends for many decades, and Garry and his sons built one of the original Mini-Indys. The Shirts' Mini-Indy is the blue one in these photos (the red one is our Mini-Indy prototype.)

A little bit of Stevenson Projects history: We bought the Shirts' Mini-Indy and that became the basis of the Mini-Indy II!

Steve Willner

Here's a nice Mini-Indy built by Steve Willner. He buit this car for his nephews Drew and Harrison.


I have really enjoyed building the Mini-Indy. I think your plans are great, and the dimensions are exact.

My son and I built the Mini-Indy from your plans an about a year of spare time. It does 35 mph with a 3-hp Clinton engine. Believe me, it draws a crowd and turns heads.
R. and M.C., Bourbonais, Illinois

The Mini-Indy Racer was a very enjoyable project. It took me three weeks to build, working in the evenings. I have built a mini-bike and a go-kart before, but this is definitely something else.
P.A., Toledo, Ohio