Wes and Anna Kisting built a very nicely done Pocket Cruiser, then sailed it down the Mississippi River for their honeymoon! Well done!
Anna & Wes Kisting
They also wrote a very nice web page of the story on the Rogue Paddler website: Click Here to read it. The article has lots of great photos and it's really a very romantic and fun-sounding tale of their travels on the Mississippi River: well worth reading!
The happy couple enjoying their well-deserved rest!

Dr. Widmier has sent so many good shots of his Pocket Cruiser we decided to set up a separate page for him!

Click Here to take a look at all of the great shots he has sent!

Dr. Scott Widmier,

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Modified Pocket Cruiser

Helmut Klein , South Africa

Mr. Klein built his Pocket Cruiser a bit larger than the plans specify. He enlarged the boat to 18', an increase of 28%. While we recommend people build to the plan dimensions, the Pocket Cruiser can be enlarged. Eighteen feet is the upper limit and Mr. Klein's example of this modification is a very nice one indeed!

Mr. Klein sent us so many great photos of the construction process and cruising adventures along the coast of South Africa, we have placed them on a separate page all their own!

Click Here to see Helmut's Pocket Cruiser photos.

Pocket Cruiser

Chris Treloar , Australia

Mr. Treloar's Pocket Cruiser has seen a lot of sailing! It might hold the record for Greatest Distance Sailed in one of our designs, and perhaps the Longest Time Abord award as well! We decided to make a separate page to let everyone read Chris' letter and see his shots.

Click Here or on the picture above to see Mr. Treloar's letter and photos!

Modified Pocket Cruiser

Charles D. Motl

Mr. Motl is in the process of building an open-decked version of the Pocket Cruiser. These are photos of his styling model, which looks quite nice. It looks like this will be a fun boat, and we look forward to pictures of the finished project.

Pocket Cruiser and Triad

J.F. Davis, Mt.Gravatt, Australia

Mr. Davis built the Pocket Cruiser in 32 days and the Triad in 11! Pretty amazing speeds; they may be records for Fastest Builder. Any challengers? I know Konrad of NE built a Vector over a weekend—That's pretty amazingly fast too!

No Name, unfortunately

No Name, unfortunately
This builder sent in a shot inspired by the original magazine article's photo.