Weekender, Detlef Wieck, WA

Mr. Wieck sent us so many interesting photos that we've placed them on their own page.

Click Here to see them and read about the details of his boat!

This Weekender was built with salvaged materials for the most part, and it has several clever details added. It's well worth a closer look!

Weekender, Roberto Bassani, Milan, Italy
Our first Weekender photos from Italy! Mr. Bassani sent us a few shots so we placed them on a page: Click Here to see them!

Weekender, Dave Richards, MN
Mr. Richards' Weekender photos are a lot of fun, and there are a few of them, so we put them on their own page.

Click Here to see them!

Weekender, Maik Rosenkranz,

This is the first Weekender built in Germany!
Thanks very much for the shots!

I send you some photos of our weekender "wildgans". I think it's the first one in Germany. It's a great boat an we have a lot of fun with it.


Maik Rosenkranz

Unknown Weekender Builder
Unfortunately we lost the e-mail which delivered these pics. I'm sorry about that, but if this is your boat, let us know! It certainly shows how you can build parts and assemblies inside (with an outstandingly accomodating housemate!) and bring them together later outside.
Another Beautiful Weekender by
An Unknown Builder
Another lost e-mail. (these were in a batch of older e-mails...) If anyone has a name and/or e-mail, please forward it to us as we'd like to credit this great work.