Weekender Silver's Bird

Mr. Wieck's Weekender Silver's Bird is a great example of craftsmanship and cleverness. There are some very practical improvements, and a whole bunch of nice workmanship here. We look forward to more great shots!

This beautiful boat is being built on the cheap! It certainly doesn't look like it, but the materials were traded for, scrounged, on hand already, and even created: the boom, gaff, mast, and bowsprit were milled from a tree on the property! The blocks are made from salvaged wood used to bring in Toyota truck parts from the Orient, the plywood was saved from the local dump, and so on. Amazing. Nice job doesn't seem to quite cut it.

Silver's Bird lives in Washington, and will be cruising the San Juans and thereabouts, but also has plans for expeditions to the West coast of Florida to do a little sailing in true pirate waters! Very cool.

Launching was May 15th in Friday Harbor; I wish we could have been there, but Mr. Wieck sent us some nice shots of the christening and first voyage. Thanks!

It looks like everyone's having a good time, and it seems like I see a deck gun?!

Great carving! Note also the cool bow roller for the Bruce-type anchor; very slick.

Ventilated companionway hatch...Very good when cruising in Florida (as is the plan...)

An improved hatch and grab rails.

Nice wheel, and those are homemade blocks!

A lost Weekender is found, but perhaps too late to be salvaged. Too bad, but what a contrast between the two boats on this page!