Weekender, Ron Lalonde, Nova Scotia
Mr. Lalonde sent us these nice shots of his Weekender Maggie J. The late evening shots look particularly peaceful...

Weekender (to be...), Pete Bachert, Manchester, NH
Mr. Bachert has sent us these shots of his Weekender keel. He has also joined the Builder Contact Program to help others with their boat projects. Our thanks to Mr. Bachert for both the pictures and his participation in the B.C.P.!

Weekender, Joe Gifford, Denver, CO

Mr. Gifford sent us several photos of his Weekender; enough that we have placed them on a separate page. Joe started on his Weekender in October of 1999, and seems to be making good speed on the project. We look forward to the launching shots this Spring!

Click Here or on the photo above to se Mr. Gifford's Weekender photos!

Weekender, Eddie Danvern, Australia
Mr. Danvern sent us these pictures of his Weekender named the Emily-G. It looks like he did a great job! There are so many interesting places one could take a Weekender exploring in Australia; I hope Mr. Danvern keeps sending us shots! Our thanks to Mr. Danvern.

Weekender, Joe Schoonover,
Brownsburg, IN
Mr. Schoonover sent us lots of great pictures of his recently completed Weekender. So many that we've placed them on a page along with his descriptions of each picture. Mr. Schoonover is also treasurer of the new BYYB and is a Builder Contact participant!

Click Here or on the photo above to take a look at Mr. Schoonover's Weekender Page!

Weekender, Jim Rogalski,
Saratoga Springs, NY
Mr. Rogalski has sent us these pictures of his Weekender. This is a fine looking Weekender; the toe-rail and the planked decks look great! Jim's Weekender has also appeared in his newspaper! If you'd like to see the web-version of the article, Click Here.

Thanks Jim!

Weekender, Michael Wilkinson, Durango, CO
Mr. Wilkinson's Weekender "Look Far" looks great! A nice color scheme, and those look like a set of our sails...Mr. Wilkinson is also the Builder Contact for Colorado, so those of you in the Centennial State have someone to call on for advice!