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The Pocket Yachts are at the core of Stevenson Projects' building adventures. These four boats are our most popular projects and can offer great adventures — sporty sailing fun, romantic weekend cruises, transformative summer projects, swashbuckling journeys exploring your local lake — thousands of builders have had all sorts of satisfying experiences in these boats. Technically, the Super-Skipjack isn't really a Pocket Yacht (in that it doesn't have a cabin) but as it is directly in the same family of designs as the Weekender and Vacationer, we think it should be here as well. A few builders in the past have chosen to leave the cabin off the Weekender to create open-decked versions; now the Super-Skipjack fills that desire handily!

Each of the project pages above also has a link to photos sent in by our builders; there are hundreds of wonderful photos of people's projects and we hope you'll enjoy exploring all their great work!

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