Weekender, Paul Chiasson, New Brunswick, Canada

Weekender , Eris Noren, MI

Modified Weekender,
This very pretty Weekender has been changed a bit: it looks like it has a shorter cabin and it has a tiller coming through the transom. Unfortunately, we have misplaced the e-mail which was attached to these pictures. If you know who this builder is, please let us know so we can contact them.


Made Merry,
Keith Shergold
Keith sent us more great photos of the Made Merry sailing, so we posted them on a separate page.

Modified Weekender, Dave Switzer, AL
"Here are a few photos of my Weekender...I launched her on October 2, 2001 and have sailed her a dozen times so far. She is the perfect boat for the shallow bays and bayous here on the Alabama Gulf Coast. Yet she is fully capable of a trip out across the Mississippi Sound to the Barrier Islands approx. 12 miles offshore.
I made a few small modifications to suit my needs, I replaced the Cabin Rafters with laminated ones with a much higher arch, so I could have Sitting head room. This in turn required planking the cabin top, lengthening the mast enough to raise the boom.

Thanks for an excellent design,
Dave Switzer
Grand Bay, AL."