Weekender, Mary Lou Toft, Blue Springs, MO

Ms. Toft sent us these great shots of her well-finished Weekender. She built this boat in about 8 months, which seems to be around the normal length of time for most of our builders. It's great to see more women building our projects; we have had lots of guys for a long time and it's nice to see the balance swinging back a bit!

Thanks Mary Lou!

Weekender, Zeljko Pinjusic,
Ulsteinvik, Norway
This pic is a link to a larger montage of shots
This pic is a link to a frosty shot of Mr. Pinjusic's Weekender.
Mr. Pinjusic has just launched his Weekender in Norway! We think he's the Northernmost Weekender Builder (anyone from Alaska willing to challenge?).

Congratulations Pini!

I think it's great that Mr. Pinjusic included his daughter in the building and sailing of his Weekender. What a way to get a hands-on experience she'll hopefully remember fondly her whole life!

Weekender, Ron Young, MA
Mr. Young has just finished his Weekender Juliet. It looks really nice, and we hope he's enjoying his work!

His website is Here,

Weekender, Bernie Mewhort
Port Coquitlam, BC

This photo was sent in recently by a builder from Canada. His e-mail below describes some of the features.

Here is a photo of the weekender built in Port Coquitlam British Columbia. It was started in Dec.1998 and sea trials were in Oct. 1999. It is slightly different than the plans with a cedar box section mast and the main bulkhead was set vertical to increase cockpit area.The mast hoops are galvanized aircraft cable strung with plastic beads.
The construction is of crezone ply for bulkheads and deck and mahogany for the hull.It is finished with 6 oz. cloth and epoxy resin. The interior is sealed with outdoor varnish and the paint is International brightsides polyurethane.

Modified Weekender, Jeff Frederick,
Springfield, OR

Mr. Frederick sent us these nice shots of his new boat. We'll let him describe the subtle mods he made to his sharp-looking Weekender!

I want to say Thank You!! I purchased plans for the Weekender in March of '99 and began construction immediately. After three feverish months of work, the hull was mostly finished, but I realized that increasing temps. in the garage and a pile of other commitments would make a 99 launch impossible. So, 12 -very part time- months later, with a steady pace and unwavering determination, the Rough Draught was launched in Doreena lake south of Eugene, OR.

A few building notes: I extended the cockpit ~7 inches to the butt joint in the floor panel, I anticipate more cockpit time, less cabin time. Also went with the tiller modification, fewer moving parts = fewer opportunities for brother Murphy to rear his ugly head! As a result, the mainsheet is a double purchase run to the sole of the cockpit. So far, no problems. Purchased dacron sails via you guys, thanks a ton for setting up that deal. They're of very high quality and look great! Also, made my mast hoops out of 1/2 inch manilla, spliced into hoops....looks salty.....so far, so good.

Other than that, the plans and video were great, thorough, and well done. Enclosed are a few pics from her maiden voyage.....

Thanks for everything.


Thanks to Jeff as well!

Weekender, Unknown Builder, Australia

Mr. Treloar, of the Pocket Cruiser fame (we have a page about his boat here), sent us this shot.
We'll let his e-mail tell the story...

I found this forgotten photo which I took about 13 years ago, I didn't
know the make at the time and i am afraid I don't have any idea who the
owner builder is all I know is that is him in the photo, This was
launching day and he had done en excellent job on the building.
It was launched at the Brisbane yacht club ramp at Bulimba in the
Brisbane River in Queensland Australia
Regards Chris Treloar

Thanks Chris!

Weekender, Ron Huff, Keller, TX
Mr. Huff sent us these pictures of his Weekender. Nice carving on the bowsprit! His daughter bought him a set of Dacron sails too. This is a nicely appointed Weekender!