Skipjack School Time, Tim Gilman, VA
Tim's is the Skipjack on the right. Dick Russell's Pocket Cruiser on the left and Johanna Fine's Weekender in the middle.
A bunch of our boats playing Broadsides. Tim is in the center in the red Skipjack. A Mini-Cup on the right, and two Weekenders on the left.

Here is the note which accompanied this photo:

"Named the Wild Hare, built June '99. The project took 4 months of weekends.
(40-12 packs of Red Dog)"

Sounds like a fun job! The Skipjack turned out nicely, but it looks like they used a different rig design.

Hobby & Dean, Panama City, FL

Mr. Girard has been kind enough to send us pictures of his Skipjack-in-progress. Michel must be the fellow in the blue plaid shirt, because I'm fairly sure the man in the red shirt is Vince Thorburn, who is helping out with the project. Click Here to see Vince's boat.

Below is the note accompanying this shot.

"Last fall I ordered the plans for the SKIPJACK. This after getting the bug from a couple of friends of mine who built the WEEKENDER ( The Second Shawbridge Sea Scouts group and Vincent Thorburn who , by the way, is reported to be the oldest builder of a Weekender). I confiscated Vinny's garage around mid January (so what if his car has to sleep outside at -30 Cel) and we proceeded to build the SKIPJACK. Things are moving along at a steady pace (not as fast as I would like, but it happens. I've sent a couple of pictures of the work in progress (one picture as creative as we could possibly be and the other with vinny and myself). I will send pictures of the SKIPJACK when she is finished. The official launching should be sometime in June, if all goes well.

Thanks Mike Girard, Ste-Adele(north of Montreal), Quebec"

Michel Girard , Ste-Adele, Quebec

Brad Clarke , Edmonton, Alb.

Tom Raidna and sons!
Tom is buiding a Skipjack and it looks like he has lots of help! He is using a modified Weekender gaff rig (slightly smaller for this project) for his Skipjack. Below are some of the latest shots of progress on his boat.

Interestingly, this is the type of rig we chose to use on the new SuperSkipjack—A modified version of the Weekender gaff rig which allows the use of the same nice Dacron sail sets we sell for the Weekenders. It also gives the SuperSkipjack a lot of sail power for very sporty performance!