Mr. Vincent Thorburn's Weekender Page

Mr. Vince Thorburn has been a busy fellow. In this photo he's standing next to his Weekender "Harmony". He helped Mr. Gordon Applebee & The Second Shawbridge Sea Scouts build "Badger", their Weekender. He also helped Mr. Michel Girard build his Skipjack (pics can be found on the Skipjack Builder Photo Page)!
All in all, it sounds like Vince has been a driving force in his area. At 70 years when he sent us these shots, we think Vince may be one of our older Builder/Skippers. He built "Harmony" as a fall-back project after his family vetoed the idea of a Mini-Max ultralight (I'm fairly sure we have a set of those plans ourselves...). We're glad he went ahead with the Weekender, and want to extend our thanks for his mentoring role in the local building scene. We would love to see more people getting involved the way Vince has.
This shot above is Harmony and Badger rafted up. I assume this was taken on the great voyage the two boats made with the Sea Scouts.
Here we see Badger motor-sailing (shot taken from Harmony).
Here are few of the Sea Scouts, Vince, Gordon, and the Weekenders Harmony and Badger waiting for the ebb or flow of the lock...