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Smaller Daysailers can provide some of the most fun and challenging sailing anyone can find. The Stevenson Projects Daysailers range from more simple machines, both to build and sail, to faster, exciting boats which can be modified as one gains experience to be as sporty as a builder wants! These sailboats also have different ranges of capabilities beyond speed/sporty or easy/beginner projects: Each boat has it's own particular style and purpose. The Amphora was originally designed for young builders, as an introduction to hands-on project building, and it still is a wonderful first project, after forty years! The Vector Sailcar is one of our all-time person favorite projects, and the Cats are all very sporty and interesting machines. The Sportfoil was one of our earliest projects, and still a pretty different project after all these years! The Kayak is a simple, easy-going project, and a great electric boat for exploring backwaters.

Take a look at the different designs and see which fits your own style best; there are a lot of different ways to have fun on the water!