Sportfoil Plans

The Sportfoil is a very unique boat project: There aren't many home-built hydrofoil plans around — Even after forty years!

When we designed the orignal Sportfoil back in the early '70's, hydrofoils were actually more common than today. We started out with an experimental sailing hydrofoil, remarkably. Making a sailing hydrofoil is pretty tricky, and this very simple construction was only able to get on foil in certain conditions and couldn't tack, so we switched to a powered version: The Sportfoil was the result! Because this is such a lightly-loaded hydrofoil, we can use very small outboards (5-15hp.) and still have great performance. The America's Cup (which is on as we write this!) is showing the world just what sailing hydrofoils are capable of, in the most amazing and exciting ways! The Sportfoil is an older design, but is a good starting point to discover what it's like to fly a boat!

The Sportfoil is a unique machine, and we haven't received many builder photos over the years. This photo was sent in many years ago, and looks like a beautifully crafted Sportfoil! Our thanks to the unknown builder! We hope you had great fun and many adventures!