Pocket Cruiser

Paul Boyer, PA

Mr. Boyer's very nice Pocket Cruiser — An interesting a fresh-looking colour scheme. It looks like a rig ready to hit the road and have some fun! We look forward to seeing more shots of this pretty Pocket Cruiser in action...

Pocket Cruiser

Tom Christensen, NC

Mr. Christensen has built a very beautiful example of a Pocket Cruiser with many custom details. It's a pretty boat, and I imagine a fun boat to cruise on; it's nicely appointed!

We have posted a whole bunch of pics on a separate page for Mr. Christensen's Pocket Cruiser, the Wild Hare! Click Here to take a look!

Modified Pocket Cruiser

Dick Russell, MD

Mr. Russell has sent us MANY great photos of his modified Pocket Cruiser, both in the building and sailing stages of the project!

We've put them on a separate page to share them with everyone; Click Here to see them!

Simon Collings, West Australia

Mr. Collings is trying swing-down boards in place of the daggerboard-style bilgeboards. I'd love to hear how they worked out.

Heavily Modified Pocket Cruiser

No Name