Mr. Russell sent us so many great shots of his modified Pocket Cruiser that we've placed them on this page. As you scroll down the page you'll see different stages of the boat, from sailing pics back through the construction process to the early planning stages of the project. It's a great look at a boat's building process.
"Here are some pix of the 124% P.C. on the Chesapeake Bay. It sails like an ocean liner. stay's perfectly flat in 12 knot breeze but moves along well. One pic shows a weekender (Johannah Fine) and a Skipjack (Tim Gilman) with the P.C. on Tangier Sound, on the Wicomaco River.

Dick Russell
Commadore of the Chesapeake Fleet"

Modified Pocket Cruiser

Richard Russell, Laurel, MD

It looks like he's making good progress. Mr. Russell is enlarging his Pocket Cruiser to 124%. This means he's having to figure the whole project out as he goes, using our plans as a basis for his design. Mr. Helmut Klein did the same thing with his enlarged Pocket Cruiser from South Africa.

Mr. Russell has sent us these pictures of the enlarged Pocket Cruiser he is working on. It will be 17'6" long (as opposed to the normal 14' length).

I think it's interesting to see the mock-up stage with the enlarged panels cut out of cardboard for sizing purposes. A good idea...