I like the Pocket Yacht idea, but can't decide which one I should build.

The Weekender is almost always the best choice of the three Pocket Yachts (the Weekender, the Vacationer, and the Pocket Cruiser). The other two boats are also good boats but have strengths in more specific areas; the Weekender's abilities are more well rounded in our eyes.

The Vacationer is around twice as expensive to build and takes a lot longer to build (only a bit more complicated, but much more material to finish and more screws, etc.). The Vacationer is a larger boat, and sails accordingly: a bit smoother, but not much faster if at all. The Weekender is much easier to get around on a trailer, and is fun to singlehand. Since the Vacationer is heavier, it's harder to beach than the other boats. The Vacationer is larger, so if you need the room, there's your answer. If not, we would go with the Weekender. A lot of people like the Vacationer's more rakish, modern look and that's as good a reason to chose a project as any!

The Pocket Cruiser is a beamy (wide) boat. This makes it stable and roomy. It also makes it a knot or two slower (but it'll scoot in a good breeze; as the wind picks up, the difference becomes insignificant). It has a very different look than the other two Pocket Yachts: more like a Catboat. The Pocket Cruiser is very close to the Weekender in cost and time to build. The cabin of the Pocket Cruiser is larger than the Weekender's cabin. The Pocket Cruiser has the advantage of being able to be used as a motorboat with out the sailing rig. It does need to be sailed with bilgeboards (daggerboards on the sides to get them out of the way of the cabin), unlike the Weekender and Vacationer which can be sailed without any boards. This means one more thing to think about when beaching, but that's not too big a deal.

We obviously like the Weekender best, but you should decide which boat you prefer according to your own needs and desires.