How do I find someone near me who has built one of your boats?

There are a couple of ways to do this: You can check our Builder Contact Page for a person near you. This page lists Builder/Skippers who have voluteered to help others in their area with questions, an occaisonal hand, and to show off their boats once in awhile. We have Builder Contacts in most of the states, as well as many contries overseas.

The other good way to find people locally is to post a query on one (or better yet, both) of the two Builder Forums. There are two forums, and each has lots of people all across the country who are active both sailing and building our boats. The builder/skippers who post on these forums are very good about arranging sails for people who are serious about possibly building a boat. You can find links to the two forums on our page here.

Either way should get you in touch with people who can show you the ropes (and quite possibly their boat!)