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The Messing About site was set up by Mr. Frank Hagen. It's a really useful site, with a lot of good information on various wood choices and some plans info, a great forum/bulletin board, and lots more. The focus is on enjoying small boats, as the title implies, and as many of the contributors (including the site creator Mr. Hagen) have built Stevenson Projects boats, there's a lot of discussion about them there. They do discuss other boat designs as well, which can be very interesting and informative. A lot of knowledge here...

The Messing About Forum

The BYYB forums are fun, lively areas to discuss Stevenson Projects designs, regional meetings, post pictures and share events—all sorts of fun! There are so many builders who contribute to these forums that pretty much any question about our projects can be answered. There are builders from all over the US, plus lots of other countries as well. The experience that all these builders bring to the discussions is amazing and a wonderful help to anyone building one of our projects!
Having two BBS' to consult when you have a question is pretty handy! There's a different slant to each board—try them both and see which one fits your style!

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We have a great number of volunteers who have built at least one of our boats and are willing to help pass along their experience and local knowledge of building supply places and such. These people are a great source of practical tips and even might help hold a board or two for you once in awhile. If you're starting out—or even just curious—you should check to see if there's a Builder Contact volunteer in your state, province, or country; we have people in almost all of the fifty states, each of the Canadian provinces, Australia, New Zealand, and the British Isles!

Click Here to explore our links to websites other Builder/Skipper's have posted, companies we think you should know about—suppliers, friendly competitors, and just plain useful sources—sailing resources and historical lore...All sorts of links we think you'll find useful and interesting!