Weekender, Russell Long, LA

Mr. Long sent us this nice shot of his Weekender . He sounds like he's getting some good fun out of it:

"I built this boat in 8 months. Used a tiller instead of wheel. It's a lovely boat. It's pictured at Ship Island in Mississippi Sound. The island is 17 miles from the mainland. I sail the islands frequently. Have encountered some pretty rough weather...but it keeps on going and going and....

Thanks, R. Long"

Thank you Russell!

Weekender, Richard Frye,
Wind Ridge, PA

Mr. Frye has launched his very nice looking Weekender. Nice looking colors.

Well done Richard!

Weekender, Adam Graser, Palestine, TX
Mr. Graser is building his Weekender in this rather nice space (don't we all wish we had a
boat-building barn...) It looks like he's doing a great job! We look forward to more shots.

Weekender, Frank Hagan, Oxnard, CA

Mr. Hagan sent us these shots of his Weekender Aslan. Frank is very active in the Weekender community: He started the first bulletin board for Stevenson Projects boats (now called The Messing About Forum,) he is an editor of the BYYB member's online magazine The Gaff Rig, as well as being a frequent poster on the BYYB Bulletin Board. An all-around busy guy!

Thanks for all of your efforts Frank!

Weekender, Tomasz Antoz, Toronto, Canada
Mr. Antoz has built this sharp-looking Weekender named Charon. He's 21, which puts him on the younger side of our builder's average age. He wanted us to mention that he had fun building this project, and that he wanted to thank his family and girlfriend for putting up with his late nights in the garage! I'm sure they understand after seeing the result.

Thanks Tomasz!

Weekender, Timothy Frazier, Edgewood, NM
Mr. Frazier has sent us these shots of the Weekender he's in the process of building. It looks like he's moving right along.

Weekender, Dan Kirkpatrick,
Loves Park, IL

Mr. Kirkpatrick took sixteen years to get started, but he's on his way now! He has also voluneered to be the Builder Contact person for Illinois, a very generous offer.

Thanks Dan!