Rolando Perez,
Mr. Perez has sent us a bunch of inspiring shots of his Weekender project from the Phillipines! We have posted a page with several of his photographs of the boat being built and of a few of his sailing adventures in the warm, inviting-looking tropical waters! Please Click Here to see the page!

Rolando has hundreds more photos on his pages (which we link to on the page of his photos which we've posted) so we urge people to check those out, as well as the Phillipine Home Boatbuilders Yacht Club site. They are really building up a storm down there and it looks like they're having great fun too!

Thanks very much, Rolando!

Sharron Tavernier & Bob Renwick, NM
Mr. Renwick is about to launch his Weekender in New Mexcio! It's nice to see another of our boats in the Southwest. The desert isn't a spot one normally thinks of for sailing, but there are a LOT of nice lakes in the Southwest and our builders from that area are quite active! We look forward to seeing more from Mr. Renwick and his Weekender!

British Columbia
Anne D. has sent us these lovely shots of her Weekender, just launched in Canada. Beautiful spots to sail, and we like the open toe-rail detail. I can only hope this implies she'll be sailing her Weekender hard over — That's way I prefer to sail, personally: With the rail just under and pretty scenery to look at. We look forward to more shots of Anne's Weekender in action!

D. Blake
Mr. Blake has completed his very elegant and well-finished Weekender, and we thank him for these great shots! The second Weekender recently with an open toe-rail; it's enough to convince Peter Stevenson to trim off his upper rubrail and replace it with this kind of treatment!

Notice, also, the beautiful gold-leaf carved trailboards, the interesting lashed bowsprit idea, and the more open cockpit ideas. This boat has a great many thoughtful modifications and I imagine they serve Mr. Blake well!