These shots of Mr. Rolando Perez's Weekender are wonderful window on a different part of the world. And what fun they seem to be having with their boats there! We are really taken with the enthusiasm of the Phillipine Home Boatbuilders Yacht Club and all the great boats they are building and enjoying. Great spirit!

The shots we've posted here are only a very small sample of the hundreds of shots we looked at. Mr. Perez has posted a few galleries which we have linked to below, but we urge builders to check out the PHBYC's site and take a look at the fun they're having down thataway!

Thank you, Rolly, and we are looking forward to more adventures from your beautiful waters!

Rolly's Boat Project Galleries

Photos of a recent adventure with his Weekender!

A nice video of the PHBYC members enjoying their boats!

(Click on this photo for a larger version)

The tropical building shots remind us of the Weekender we made in Hawaii! And all the shots make us want to sail in warm waters again...Nice!