Modified Weekender, Bill Paxton, MN
Mr. Paxton's open Weekender has been featured on another of our Builder Pages (Pg.6), but these are some new shots and there's no reason we can't have boats in more than one place. This is a nice color combination, very elegant.

Obvious changes: the cabin is gone, and in its place is a neat wrap-around coaming (which has the added advantage of stiffening the deck in place of the missing cabin sides), note also the tiller modification and longer seating.

A very clean modification and it looks to be a fun boat to sail.
Interestingly, open-decked Weekenders like this one and the one we built in Hawaii (that boat had a removable cabin) led us to enlarge the Skipjack into the Super Skipjack we now have plans for. I can certainly see the appeal of the open boats for sporting around, but—at least for us—we think there's a strong appeal to the cabin, both visually and for its coziness!

Brian Matthews
A very nicely built Weekender by a Mr. Matthews. It looks like a well-used boat also; nice to see! Mr. Matthews also built an Amphora, the 8' rowboat we designed many years ago, intended primarily as a project for young builders, but certainly a good project for anyone who wants a small rowboat!

We posted more photos of Mr. Matthews' boats on a separate page; Click Here or on these photos to see that page!

Franklin Cox
N.S.W., Australia
Mr. Cox has built a very nice Weekender in New South Wales, Australia. From what I hear, this is a really nice area along the Southern Coast and I imagine he's going to have lots of fun there. We look forward to reading more about Mr. Cox's Weekender in the coming years!
Click on these photos for larger versions...

Gianluigi Iafrate
Riva del Garda, Italy
Mr. Iafrate sent us these great photos of his Weekender. It looks like he did a very nice job on his boat and we like the hatch modification; very clever! The close-ups of the hatch show how nice the deck and rig details are also. Mr. Iafrate has offered his email address in case any builders would like to ask him questions about his Weekender, a very kind offer, we think!

Email to Gianluigi Iafrate