Why do you like the Weekender more than the Pocket Cruiser or the Vacationer?

People ask us why we prefer the Weekender, and is there something wrong with the other two boats? Our preference for the Weekender is mostly a personal choice, backed up by some of the points answered in other questions on the left.

One important reason we tend to recommend the Weekender more than the Vacationer is that the Weekender can do almost everything the Vacationer can, but it costs less, is a smaller project (not necessarily easier to build, but certainly faster to build), and is easier for one person to sail. Sometimes people imagine they'll need more boat than they really do.

Besides, we did design all three, which takes a fair amount of dreaming and staring and affection. We like all three boats, not just the Weekender. If either of the other two boats is more appealing to you, you should not hesitate to chose that one. It's most important that a design fit your needs and desires.