I like tiller steering better than a wheel. How can I change my Weekender over to a tiller?

We have built Weekenders with both wheel and tiller steering. Both work fine, but we think the wheel works out better for cockpit space, fun, etc. The wheel steering on the Weekender is very fast: not at all like some of the vague wheel set-ups you may have tried. We wanted it to be almost like a wag-staff set-up. This gives you almost the same feel as a tiller, and nearly the speed of operation as well. It works well, and a lot of builders surprise themselves by never changing over to tillers (as they think they may while building). Don't forget that if you add a tiller, you give up crucial knee-room in the cockpit! With a wheel, two people can lounge while sailing without ever thinking about avoiding the tiller.

On the other hand, some of you are going to want to have a tiller. We don't have any plans for adapting the Weekender to a tiller directly, but the Pocket Cruiser uses a tiller. The information in that set of plans can help you adapt the Weekender to a tiller. There are sometimes discussions of this topic on the BYYB Bulletin Board or the Messing About Forum, always good places to check for information!