The Kayak Materials List

Lumber: (All Clear Fir; Pine moldings may be used for stringers if hard enough to hold screws)

Two- 16' 3/4"x 3/4" (Bottom Stringers)
Two- 16' 3/4"x 7/8" (Angled Top Stringers); (or 3/4"x 3/4" similar to Bottom Stringers, to be bevelled in place)
One- 16' 3/4"x 3/4" (Bulkhead Stringers)
One- 14' 3/4"x 1-1/2" (Panel Joiners, Cockpit Reinforcers)
One- 8' 3/4"x 2-l/2" (Keel)
One- 18" 3/4"x 11-1/4" (Transom)
Two- 3' Dowels (to fit inside Coaming Hose)

Four- 4' x 8' Panels, ACX (or better) Exterior Plywood

600- 1", #8 plated, flathead Woodscrews
100- 1-1/2", #8 plated, flathead Woodscrews
Two- Qts., Wilhold powdered, water-mix, marine Glue
Two- Tubes, flexible, immersible Seam Sealer
One- Qt., Catalysed Polyester Auto Body Putty
One- Gal. oil-base, gloss enamel Paint
2 Qts., Waterseal
One- 20' Garden Hose
Three- Heavy lifting, or drawer Handles

Double Paddle List:
One- 8' 1-5/8" dia. (or 1-3/8" Hardwood) "Full-Round"
One- 4' 3/4"x 5-1/2" Pine (1x 6" stock)
Six- 1-1/2" Woodscrews
Two- 2'' dia, bevelled sponge drain sealer rings