How much do these projects cost?

That depends on the boat and your local situation. In 1997, Weekender could still be built for just under $1500. The cost has probably gone up to $1700 or so by now. This is a base figure; Dacron sails, finish details, solar-electric auxiliary systems, and better wood will all push the cost up, but these are up to you.

Price Update: We are still getting e-mails from people who are building their Weekenders for less than $1600 in early 2002. It sounds like they aren't scrounging much of their materials either. This is encouraging news. We did receive an e-mail from a builder who is using entirely recycled materials!

The Vacationer runs about twice the cost of a Weekender (but it has been a few years since we last priced this boat, so this is an estimate). The Pocket Cruiser costs are very much like the Weekender (if anything, perhaps $100 less; not a significant difference)

The smaller boats will usually run from $650 to $900, but it really depends on individual circumstances.

Some of you have asked for the number of sheets of plywood used in each boat. Keep in mind that there are lots of other pieces of wood used in building these boats, and a good amount of hardware. With that in mind, here are the plywood requirements:

Plywood Used In The Pocket-Yachts

(all 4X8 panels unless otherwise described)

 The Weekender:

1/4"; four sheets

3/8"; four sheets

1/2"; three sheets

 The Pocket Cruiser:

1/4"; four sheets

3/8"; four sheets

1/2"; six sheets 

  The Vacationer:

1/4"; eight sheets

1/2"; twelve sheets

3/4"; one 2'X4' sheet