What are the cabin dimensions of the Pocket Yachts?

The Vacationer has the largest cabin, followed by the Pocket Cruiser, and then the Weekender. The dimensions are as follows.

The Vacationer:

Just over eight feet long, just under eight feet wide, and averaging 38" high.

The Pocket Cruiser

Just over eight feet long, just under seven feet wide, and about 33" high (average).

The Weekender

Just over six feet long, just under 6 feet wide, and averaging 32" high.

These dimensions are averages, but should give one a relative size idea of the different cabins. The cabins are not rectangular: each tapers toward the front, the sides flare out, and the cabin roof tapers down a bit toward the front. These are very simple and relative dimensions for comparing the Pocket Yachts; the plans are very much more accurate and detailed.

Click Here to see the Weekender interior.

For those prospective builders wishing to see the Vacationer interior, we have a couple of pictures on our page about Mr. Donald Lassiter's Vacationer.