Build Great Uncle George's
WrapOn® Racer

It's easy: 1. Download this file.
2. Print out the pages.

3. Cut out the parts, and WrapOn® around pieces of wood cut to match.

It's really quite simple.

The file that you download includes complete instructions and the two pages shown here.
These you will want to print in color, but it doesn't really matter how nice your printer is. The popular and inexpensive color inkjet printers that many people have actually produce one of the most "antique" effects, as their output looks very much like the tinplate toys of yesteryear. Pages printed from service bureaus, or perhaps at work if you have access to a nice Postscript color printer, look very sharp, but not so antique-soft. It's up to you.

Here's a little known fact: Great Uncle George's Racer was modeled on a real car! Can you figure out which famous racer it is? So far, since 1997 we've had three people identify the car correctly, and one person had a hint! Let us know which car you think it is!

Here is a link for the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

E-mail for the AMCK
You will need the Acrobat Reader to view the WrapOn file.