We have great looking sets of Dacron sails cut to the dimensions of the plans for our Pocket Yachts: the Weekender, Super Skipjack (the Weekender and Super Skipjack use the same set of sails), the Vacationer, and the Pocket Cruiser. They're strong, durable, and come in nice sail bags. The grommets are tight and strong, the sails take a great shape, the corners are well done with multiple reinforcing patches and strong corner rings pressed in, there's a leech-line, tell-tales, nice one-handed hanks for the jib, sail bags; everything we might need or want in a great set of sails. They're made from 4oz Dacron and will last many years (our first set is working on it's second decade already!) These sail sets are made for us by Rolly Tasker, a good company which makes sails for America's Cup boats, among other things.
We used to offer the Sail Sets without reefing points, as we prefer to scandalise the main (dropping the gaff peak to reduce the mainsail area quickly), however we've come to feel that limits our sailing options a bit. We've been sailing the Super Skipjack a lot in pretty hard conditions and we are using the Reef Points frequently, especially when single-handed.

Reef points are now Standard Equipment on our all our Sail Sets in case you'd like to go out when the wind's going to stay good and breezy all day!

The photo at the left shows a Weekender Sail Set, but the sets for the other boats look the same (just slightly different dimensions.) The details and method of construction is the same regardless of which boat your are ordering Sail Sets for—They're all great!

Click on these photos to enlarge for better details.
These sails above are in the standard white Dacron, but other colors are available upon request, as noted below. The sail bag colors vary; we try to match them but ultimately we will send what we have available.

Take a look at the detail pictures of how these Sail Sets are made in the photos below; these are high-quality sails and we are proud to have them on our boats, and we think you will be too!

We really like our Dacron sails — As much as we've always liked the tarp sails for their value and independance, we have the Dacron sails on our boats and we think you'll enjoy them on your boat as well!

This includes a Main and Jib with all the normal bells-and-whistles: leech-lines, tell-tales, stainless hanks, sail bags, great construction, etc! The Main Sails have Reef Points! Shipping costs vary (even in the US now) and will be determined when you order.

It is possible to order custom sets of sails in Tanbark or Cream/Natural, and even other colors. Tanbark or Natural is 15% over the standard prices and we can check on the cost of other colors for you as you require.

We try to keep a few sets on hand at all times, but in the late Spring it gets a bit busier usually and we can run out. Call or e-mail to order sail sets as we should check our stock (that's why we don't have a PayPal link on the Ordering Page.) If we have to have more sets of sails made, or if you'd like a custom set in a color or with modifications, it usually takes about 3 to 5 weeks for them to get here. International orders will need to check with us for shipping costs.
The Weekender &
The Super Skipjack


(These two designs use the
same dimension Sail Sets)

Sail Set Prices
The Vacationer


The Pocket Cruiser


Click on the this shot to view the entire mainsail more closely. This opens a fairly large file and you may need to click on the image to enlarge it once it opens in its page.
Click on the shot above to view the mainsail peak in more detail.
Click on this shot to see the mainsail tack details more closely.
These are some photographs which show the Sail Set details. These photographs are of a set of Weekender sails; the method of manufacture is the same for the other boats. No matter which of our designs you're building, these are strong, reliable sails which should stand up to many years of hard use!
A detail of the tack on a Super-Skipjack Mainsail (the same sail as the Weekender Mainsail). The strong reinforced fabric and heavy-duty grommet are evident!

As usual, click on any of these photos for a larger image and more detail!

Here one can see one of the Reef Points (below the boom) and one of the grommets along the foot of the sail, laced to the boom.
This is one of the Jib Hanks. They are set strongly and there is a plastic chafing guard also.
This pic shows the clew, with the well-reinforced grommet, and the leech-line and it's control.