Kevin Green

Mr. Kevin Green has created 1/32 scale paper models of our Pocket Yachts! He originally wanted to get an idea of the relative sizes of the boats to help him decide which one to build. At some point he decided it would be nice if other people could do the same and we quite agree! It's a great way to compare the volumes and sizes of the three boats, as well as have some nice models for your shelf!

You can go the Mr. Green's page to find these free paper models. Click Here or on the pictures to go his site!

While you're there, you may want to buy the program he created to make custom colored models of all the Stevenson Projects Pocket Yachts! The program is only $5, a very reasonable way to try out color schemes and get a feel for the different sizes and interior spaces of the three boats. Our thanks to Mr. Green for doing such a great job!

Here you can see all three of the paper Pocket Yacht models Kevin has created. A nice set!

There is a paper outboard to download on Keviin's site also.

Above is Mr. Green's 1/32 scale paper Weekender. Kevin has added the BYYB (Weekender builder's association) logo and pennant to the model, seeing as how he's deeply involved with this fine group! Kevin Green has done an outstanding job with the patterns and very detailed plans for this model. It's really a very nice thing he has done!
...and the Vacationer.
The Pocket cruiser in paper...

Mr. Moore made this Weekender model out of balsa (rather than the usual paper) using Mr. Kevin Green's plans.
John Moore

Modified Pocket Cruiser, Richard Russell
Mr. Russell has sent us photos of his 1/12 scale model of a modified Pocket Cruiser he is building. Even though this is a modified Pocket Cruiser, the basic concept is much like the standard version and these photos will help prospective Pocket Cruiser builders to get a feel for what the boat looks like. There are a bunch of pictures so we placed them on a separate page. Click Here or on the photo above to see Mr. Russell's model page.

Phil Gowan

Mr. Gowan has posted a page on his Weekender site (he's building a full-scale version) which has pictures of his model. Click Here or on the photo above to see his Weekender model page!

He has also made up a PDF file so that others can build their own Weekender model! Well done Phil! Click Here to download Phil's Weekender Model patterns!

Bill Otto, Enumclaw, WA
Mr. Otto sent us this photo of his Weekender model. He's built this in anticipation of starting his project later in the year...

Kevin Green, Euless, TX
Kevin sent these pics of his very detailed Weekender model. This is an earlier, slightly more detailed model than the paper models above. I don't know if it's also paper and he just added 3-D details like sails, dead-eyes, etc., but it's a great model!

O.K., this is our little Weekender model we made from cardstock. We were going to do a set of plans for this, but Mr. Gowan and Mr. Green beat us to it!

We also spent a rainy day lofting the parts for the Weekender in 1/8 scale for possible R/C use in the future. We used an architecht's rule at the 1 1/2"-to-the-foot scale to loft the parts as one would a full-size boat. You can do all of the patterns in a few hours, then transfer them to model plywood, or just loft on the plwood. We were going to make the keel from model plywood as well (easier than solid wood at this scale). There's room inside for a radio and maybe a sail servo. Certainly for steering. As we haven't had time to finish the R/C version, we can't speak from experience, but it looks like a slip-on ballasted fin would be necessary for sailing. The scale-effect makes models act differently than their full-size counterparts.

Paul Douglass, WA

This model was based on Mr. Kevin Green's paper models which can be found here. A nice job, and we'll let the builder describe it:

Attached are a couple pictures of a model weekender I built out of balsa using Mr. Kevin Green's plans. I tried to build it as I would my full sized Weekender I hope to build in the near future. I need to work the sail over a bit, I'm not much when it comes to sewing. Sure had fun working on it. This winter I would like to do the Pocket Cruiser and Vacationer.

Paul Douglass
Benton City, Washington

Robert Reyner, MT
These three Weekender models are based on Mr. Green's paper models again. The smallest is the paper one, then a 200% and a 400% version of each of those (the scales are 1/32, 1/16, and 1/8.) The largest is rudder-only radio control, which is a very fun and relaxing way to have fun. We have never done an R/C Weekender ourselves, but this is similar to what we'd do if we did one: a little ballast has to be added to the model as the scale-effect doesn't allow a direct copy, it would also help to enlarge the rudder slightly for the model. The properties of air and water are such that designs don't work in a linear fashion between sizes of things: a one-foot model behaves differently than a one-hudred-foot one.