Weekender, Roberto da Silveira, Brazil
The first pictures of a Weekender built in Brazil! Congratulations Roberto! He's still putting the finishing touches on, and says he'll be finished in the next month or so (jan. 2003?) A very nice job indeed...Also: Mr. da Silveira is looking for name suggestions. Anyone know the name of a nice, pretty blue-and-white Brazilian bird perhaps?

Weekender, Wylie Shipman, NY

From Mr. Shipman's e-mail:

"This was my first boatbuilding project, and I took my time and worked on her almost full-time for 3 of the 5 months. I used this project as a "last hurrah" before I headed off to law school this fall. I sailed the Sadie C. (named after a long-departed cat) on the hudson river near West Point and on Lake George in the Adirondacks. She handles extremely well and is very seaworthy. After I got the feel of her, I routinely got her gunwhales wet without a care in the world."

Weekender Elusive II,
Larry Combs, WI

Here are some notes about this pretty Weekender:

"The roller furler is self made out of an empty wire spool & 3/4 pvc with a slice running through it, all for about $10.00. I launched her Memorial Day weekend 2002 on Lake Superior. Any other questions please feel free to ask."

Weekender Aslan, Frank Hagen, CA

Mr. Hagen started and coordinates The Messing About Forum for Weekenders and other boats of our design, as well as homebuilt boats of all kinds. It's well worth exploring! Mr. Hagen's note below:

"I realized I haven't sent any pics of Aslan sailing, so here's one of my
favorites. This is in Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard, with me at the
helm and my daughter Kristine along for the ride."

Lady Jeanne, Joe Dupere, ME
"attached is a picture of my Weekender, the Lady Jeanne. Mr. Richard McInnes of Bel Pre, Ohio, the original builder, started construction in the Fall of 1981, and she was launched in May of 1982 at Seneca Lake in Ohio as the Lady Jane.

Mr.McInnes moved the boat to Cape Cod, where my dad bought her from Mr. McInnes' widow in 1994. Since my dad bought her she has been sailed at Lake Waccamaw in NC, in the Atlantic off of the coast of NC, in Long Island Sound out of New London, CT, in Cape Cod Bay out of Gloucester, MA, and in the Atlantic out of Boothbay Harbor, ME, and out of Rockland, Camden, and Belfast in Penobscot Bay, ME. She's also been sailed in Lake Winnepesaukee in NH, and Lake Sebasticook in ME. Not bad for a twenty year old Weekender!!

She also has the distinction of being the only Weekender which has been registered with the
Friendship Sloop Society, and carries sail number 222.

I have enjoyed my Weekender immensely, and I hope to keep her sailing another twenty years!!

Joe Dupere
Orono, ME

P.S. Mrs. McInnes name was Jane, so Mr. McInnes named the boat Lady Jane after his wife. My mom's name is Jeanne, so when my dad bought the boat he named it Lady Jeanne after my mom."

Weekender, Tim Diebert, British Columbia, Canada

Personally, I've always found this a very attractive Weekender, but then we did build two Weekenders in red so I guess that makes sense!

Well done, Tim!