Mr. Payne is one of our stand-out builders: He's finished a very nice Weekender, and now he's about to embark on building a Vacationer! Not too many builders decide to take on multiple projects. Our hats are off to Mr Payne, and to ALL of our multiple project builders! You are an inspiration to others and you make us feel not-quite-so-crazy for building so very many projects ourselves! Thank you all...

Mr. Payne's Weekender looks like a fun boat: tiller and portholes a little modified, nice tanbark sails—a good boat for a fun adventure! Thanks for sharing photos, and we look forward to seeing the Vacationer soon!

Herschel Payne,
These photos all link to larger versions...

William Hankes,
Mr. Hankes sent this shot of his great-looking Weekender sailing on the Intracoastal Waterway, near Pensacola, FL!

That sounds like good fun! All that semi-protected water, and stuff to see — I'll bet there are plenty of adventures to be found there, and we look forward to more great shots — Thanks!