Charlie D., WY

A Mountain Weekender! Charlie D. has launched his great-looking Weekender in amazing waters: Jackson, Wyoming...Pretty amazing country to sail!

He sent us more photos and we have given them their own page: Click Here to see these beautiful shots!

(and he flys a Pirate flag too...Calico Jack Rackham's, I think — Good show!)

Leif Helge Strømø, Norway

Mr. Leif Strømø has sent these photos from Norway of his modified Weekender. Very nice, and with the planked-decking many builders are choosing lately. The biggest change is, of course, the rig: A cutter rig with a topsail! Very dramatic-looking, and I bet fun off the wind. I tried a similar rig on one of our Weekenders and found it was fast off the wind, but somthing of a handfull to windward. Nice looking though!

I'm very curious to hear Mr. Strømø's sailing reports after he's had a chance to try it out for a bit. I don't know the dimensions of his main and inner jib, but they look similar to the stock sail rig. If so, he can get some comparisions with different configurations; that'd be quite interesting!

As usual, these photos link to larger ones...
Click on them!

John Brown, FL

Mr. Brown has sent us photos of his very jaunty-looking Weekender! Great sails, and a cheery, bright blue — Nice!

There are a bunch of good photos, so we've put them on a separate page: Click Here to view them!

Mr. Brown has a very good site showing tons more detail about his Weekender project. It's worth a look: Click Here to go there!

Walter Hill, NH
Mr Walter Hill sent us these shots of his Weekender. The look like a proud couple, and rightly so! The tanbark sails are becoming more popular lately, and I can see why. Very yar!

Vyacheslav Zhitomir,
Wow; our first Builder Photos from Ukraine! (or anywhere in Eastern Europe) Very cool...Vyacheslav has built a very nice looking Weekender in the town of Zhitomir, in Ukraine. This is an attractive color scheme and I like all the brightwork. His sailing grounds look lovely; very pastoral. Our thanks to Vyacheslav for sharing these great photos and we hope to see more as the sailing season unfolds!
This has to be the most substantial building-dolly I've ever seen!
Wow...pretty handy to have a nice building yard like that to work in.