Robert Taylor, Texas
Mr. Taylor's boat Sultana is just beautiful, and there are so many good pictures we had to post them on a separate page!

Tim Powers, CA
Mr. Powers' Vacationer is a nice one, and he and his family have sent in some great shots.

There were a bunch of good ones, so we put them on their own page.

Luis Alcibar

Caracas, Venezuela

Mr. Alcibar is in the process of building his Vacationer. We look forward to seeing more pictures. These were received a few years ago and I'd love to know whether he had some grand adventures with his boat.
This is a beautifully finished Vacationer; what a great interior! I'm assuming that the tropical hardwood supply in Venezuela must be nice...Thanks for the great shots.

James Stumpf

Parma, OH

Mr. Stumpf has a few sets of photos on our builder pages, and his Vacationer Rudunyet is certainly worth looking at.

We've posted these new shots on a page by themselves; Please Click Here to see them!

Dave Ruedel, KY

Mr. Ruedel has sent us quite a number of good shots of his Vacationer on it's maiden voyage. We've put the photos and letter on a separate page; Click Here.

Modified Vacationer

Chris Gerkin

Wow! (we're starting to run out of superlatives to describe the beautiful photos people; you're doing too nice a job on your boats!...don't stop though!) This is pretty much the acme of our Pocket Yachts. The details are too numerous to list, but here are few obvious ones: The decking, the modified, rounded cockpit and vertically planked seat backs!, the brass ventilator up forward, the hull has a compound curve to the sides (I have no idea how that's done...) On and on with the fancy bits. I actually hesitate to even call this a Vacationer any longer, as it's really far more Chris' design than ours. At any rate, this is what can be done if one starts with the Vacationer design.

Really nice — Thanks for the pic!