John Bitar
Morrosquillo Gulf, Columbia
This nice Vacationer was built in Colombia, and it looks like they're have a great time enjoying the boat.

Very nice; Thanks for the shots!

Click on these photos for larger versions...

Konrad Broer, Lincoln, NE
Pictures of Konrad Broer's Vacationer sailing in the capable hands of his wife Lisa.

Konrad is a very frequent contributor to the BYYB Bulletin Board, and the Messing About BBS. Thanks Lisa & Konrad!


D. Lassiter, NC

Mr. Donald Lassiter has sent in lots of photos of his very nicely done Vacationer.

It's a beautiful job, and we've posted a page to share all the photos: Click Here to see them!

More international Vacationers! Mr. Langø has sent us these shots of his Vacationer. Very nice indeed. Perhaps he'll send us more information...
Roar K.Langø

Asenfjord, Norway

F. Farnam, Asheville, NC
This is a nice color combination for a Vacationer or Weekender. It looks like Mr. Farnam decided to go with an aluminum mast and Marconi rig.
Not quite finished!

Clifford Huffman, Newberg OR.
"About five years ago I sent to you for the plans to a twenty one foot sail boat called the VACATIONER.
The boat was fun to build, and has been a lot of fun to sail. I've sailed her single-handed a lot and managed to keep her upright which speaks very well for the boat as I am in no way an experienced sailor."