Jim Gooch,
Surfside, SC

This is a great looking Woody, and it's really nice to see a new VW Woody builder photo! And what a great place to have one: Surfside! Nice...

Thanks very much for sharing these shots of a wonderfully finished VW Woody!

Graeme Thickins,
Minneapolis, MN

This is a great looking Woody, in a nice setting too. Thanks for the shot, and we hope to see more!

From Mr. Thickins:

Here's the web page with my "favorite" photo in front of my house:

And here's an older page, telling the story of my finding it in '99:

Ray Antoky

I've always considered Maroon to be my second-favorite color for the Woody projects (after Tan, the color I have mine in!) I think it's a really elegant color and Mr. Antoky's car is a fine example.


A few smaller photos of VW Woodys sent in over the years.

Ron Carlson, Buena Vista, CO
Calvin West, Livermore, CA
Dave Noxel, Gulf Breeze,FL
Mr. Noxel's VW Woody was featured in HotVW's magazine in 1991!
Click Here for more information.
Rique Prince, Custer, WA
Mr. Prince built this car, but last we heard it's now in the LeMay Museum in Tacoma, WA. I don't see it listed on their site, though, so perhaps this car has moved on again.

Christian Ebner
Mr. Ebner used our plans to make this roadster version of a VW Woody and it turned out really well! It's nice to see how the Woody look sits with the stock hood also. Not too bad!

Bob Merriam,
Santa Cruz, CA
There's an annual gathering of Woodys on the pier at Santa Cruz and these pics of Mr. Merriam's VW Woody were taken at this event.

Nice to see one in such great surroundings!