Lots of Free Plans!

The Paper Models

These are pretty amazing little models, done entirely by one of our builders, Mr. Kevin Green.

There are four boats in paper: The Weekender, The Vacationer, The Pocket Cruiser, and The Wing-Dinghy.

You can get FREE copies of Mr.Green's paper model patterns on his website.

All four of the boats above are available to download, plus a bunch of other interesting stuff you might want to consider: He's made a cool program for all three Pocket Yachts which allows a person to test color combinations and print out the paper paterns to make models in colors of one's choosing. What a great way to test out color ideas, compare sizes and interior spaces, and get some great models at the same time! The program has a $5 fee to cover the many hours of time he spent working on these models: The Weekender, The Vacationer, and The Pocket Cruiser. There are also paper models of a racing sloop and plans for a very good looking ship's wheel which could be used on the Weekender or Vacationer, or as a decorative project. Lots of fun projects, and our thanks to Mr. Green for his great work.

Over the years the Weekender plans have been refined, tuned-up, and generally improved with the help of builder-feedback and our own experimentation. In 1994 we brought out the Weekender II plans as a result of this. On the Frequent Questions Page we detail the differences between the old and new plans.

The new boat is really great (we think), but along the way a few of the original ideas were left behind. We decided that some of the old concepts still had merit in the right situation, and that some builders might want to choose for themselves how to dress up their boats.

So...Here are a few modifications we have brought back from the original plans. You'll need Adobe's Acrobat Reader 4.0 to view and print these planlets.

The Steering Hatch Plans!

This addendum to the Weekender Plans covers the new Steering Hatch at the stern of the cockpit. This will give MUCH easier access to the steering gear and tiller for adjustments and assembly.

Click Here to download.

The Oval Porthole Plans!

The original Weekender portholes were more elliptical than the current model's oval shape. This little planlet will give you the original pattern to work with.

This PDF file is about 300K. Click Here to download.

The Deadeye Plans!

The first-generation Weekenders had the option of using deadeyes in place of turnbuckles. We've retrieved the information from the old plans so that everyone can have deadeyes if they like. This is the fixed Deadeye file; the first try had some problems opening on Windows machines (we work on Macs). This one should work.

This PDF file is about 1.6MB; be warned. Click Here to download.

The Cockpit Drain Plans!

This is a new addition to the Weekender. We just added this to our boat in early October of 2000. The Weekender cockpit has long needed a way to get the water out when stored or trailering.

It's not self-bailing, but that's not really a possible option in this 16-footer! If you somehow got the cockpit full of water (which hasn't happened to us once in the nearly twenty years of sailing since we first designed the Weekender!), you could open this drain and drop the level down to the waterline. The waterline at the cockpit is usually about an inch to an inch-and-a-half above the cockpit floor. Then you close the drain and use a sponge.

As we stated above: This is more for keeping rain out of the boat. This does happen and it's for this reason we added the drain to our boat.

This PDF file is about 275K. Click Here to download.

The Mast Tabernacle Plans for Pocket Cruiser builders!

In the second version of the Weekender plans we added a mast tabernacle to allow the mast to fold down quickly for easy trailering and launching. If you have the early Weekender plans, or more likely, the Pocket Cruiser plans, you may well want to add this feature to your boat.

This PDF file is about 300K. Click Here to download.