Pedal Bugatti, Ian Winter, Dartford, UK
This is a great looking Pedal Bugatti. It looks good with the now-pretty-much-impossible-to-find Schwinn Gripper Slick tires. I hope someone makes more of these...both the tires and the cars! I think that the resurgence of 1970's-type bicycles has led to at least some of the vintage tire designs being reintroduced.

Delivery Wagons
For some time the Delivery Wagon was our most popular pedal project. The Delivery Wagon was featured in Popular Mechanics magazine, but was also included in the second wooden toy book of Peter Stevenson's, Wooden Toys and Playhouses. The Delivery Wagon has a fun, modular back system which allows the basic Model-A-style chassis and front section to have a Delivery Wagon back (as seen here), or it can have an hinged dump-truck back or go with none at all for a sporty look. It's a fun project and always a crowd-pleaser!

Below is a page from a 1985 Popular Mechanics magazine with a couple of Delivery Wagons in the Letters To The Editor section! As one might suspect, the Delivery Wagon was originally featured in Popular Mechanics...

I have always had the attitude that I can do a little of anything that anyone else can do. This attitude has helped me through several activities: painting, paperhanging, plumbing, electrical wiring, small and large appliance repair, landscaping and automotive mechanics. However, nothing has been so rewarding as building this little car [the M.G.-T.C.]. I think of myself as an atypical grandmother. Even though I do lots of sewing, cooking and needlework of all kinds, Little Red Riding Hood would probably say to me, "Grandmother, what strange projects you work on."
G.S.G., Round Rock, Texas
Pedal TC, Grace Grimes, Round Rock, TX

"Lots of thanks. Love, Dominic"

Pedal TC

Delivery Wagon, Ferdinand Trauttmansdorff
"Several years ago, after reading an article in Popular Mechanics (Popular Science,ed.) describing your Weekender sail boat project, I sent away for the plans and for a copy of your catalogue. The simplicity of the design really was brilliant, and the plans were well worth the small investment. For weeks, I fantasized about sailing on the seven-seas (or at the very least, on the Ottawa River) with scantily-clad women in my Jolly Roger Weekender.

But sadly, after taking a few preliminary measurements in my workshop (ie. my garage), I came to the unavoidable conclusion that if I truly started to build this thing, I wasn't going to be able to close the garage door ever again, or until the project was completed (whichever came first), because the boat would have been just a touch too long for my cramped garage! Unfortunately we were in the depths of a frigid winter in Ottawa at the time (it seems like that happens all too often). Those delicious images of scantily-clad women were regrettably crowded from my mind by the much more realistic pictures of a garage filled to the rafters with snowdrifts.

This is the Pedal Car that I built for my kids. My daughter, in the pink shirt, is running ahead.
My son is driving. The car is very popular in our neighbourhood.
So, turning back to your catalogue, I chose a different project that, rather than pandering to my own selfish fantasies, would make someone else very happy indeed. The "Delivery Van" pedal-car seemed to be a more achievable project to tackle, and it's manageable size allowed me to work with the garage door firmly closed.

I had always intended to send you a photo of the completed car. But just like the seven-seas and the scantily... (oh, forget it already!), I never seemed to get around to it. Having recently "rediscovered" you through your excellent World Wide Web site, I am now sending you the pictures (Christmas Card from 1991) through the convenience of email. As you can see from the happy smiles, I chose the right project.

From Ottawa, where winter is fast approaching. (Again!)

A Pair Of Nice GT-8's
Unfortunately, we don't have names for either of these very nice GT-8 pedal cars. The GT-8 was an early pedal project of ours and the plans are no longer available. we're afraid. The newer pedal projects have a much better drive system and so we decided that the GT-8 was a bit out-of-date.

Still: these are cute pedal cars and we're glad to be able to share the photos here!

Dean Prushing, Trenton, OH
David Lack, Brentwood Bay, B.C.
Rex Billings, Council Bluffs, IA
Three more very nice Pedal TC's we are happy to share!

Very Modified Buffy-Porson

Bob Ginn

It's neat to see a Buffy-Porson after all these years! This one is really modified, but it still looks good.

The Buffy-Porson was orginally featured in a book of the same name by Peter & Mike Stevenson.

Modified Pedal Bugatti, Jim Wilson
Jim sent us these shots of his finished Bugatti pedal car. The detail is quite amazing, but Jim is a confirmed Bugatti lover, and knew what he was doing. As one can see, the car is based not too closely on our Pedal Bugatti plans, but there are some parts here and there.
Thanks to Mr. Wilson!