Bill Jones, VA
Mr. Jones has buillt a very nice looking Mini-Cup. We always liked the Mini-Cup... It's a fun and fast little boat. Thanks for sharing, Bill!

John Weigandt
Mr. Weigant sent us these shots of his Mini-Cup, as well as the Weekender he also made!
A nice pair of fun boats, we think!

Ajmir Mohd's students, Malaysia

These Mini-Cup shots were sent in by teacher in Malaysia whose students built the boat. His letter is below:

We built the boat 8 hour a week. It took us 2 month to finish th
e boat completely. This is my first project in boat building. My first boat successfully done and there will be more to built. It was challenging in boat building, but when it is done very satisfying. The boat is built in a workshop (Foundry workshop). I would to thanks all my student(Shazuddin, Khusyairi, Hafizie, Aimi, Akmal, Khairul, Fadzli, Husnaini, Ashraf, Kamarul, Saufi, Zamzam, Fitri, Rizal, Mustafa, Nizam and Imran - hope didn’t miss all names) in helping hand. And also would like to thanks to Stevenson Project by providing the boat plan. It make it possible to make boats.

Ajmir bin Mohd Saill.
Jabatan Kejuruteraan Mekanikal,
Politeknik Seberang Perai,

Neale Eyler
In the words of Mr. Eyler: " A sweet boat." We think so too. Thanks for the shots of the maiden voyage!

Butch Lenarsich
A great paint scheme! Mr. Lenarisch said his Mini-Cup took about 42 hours to finish and he thinks it's a fast boat (we do too.) He changed the construction a little, making his from Luan Mahogany then fiberglassing. We call for just normal 1/4" ACX, but this is a nice variation. Nice job...and thanks!

This is after one twelve hour day of work! Darn fast...Unfortunately, we don't have any more information about this builder.