Weekender Sailing In Hawaii!

This Weekender we built while we were staying on Kauai for a summer. It had a tiller, and a removeable cabin. We found we never took off the cabin though, so it didn't make it into the plans. The tiller is a frequent modification people make to their boats, but we really prefer the wheel, as it gives you more usable cockpit space.

In these shots, we're sailing in Hanalei Bay. Sailing in and around Hanalei was exciting, and a good test of the Weekender's rigging. This was the boat which we used to develop the beefier rigging used in the current set of plans. We ended up offshore in 25+ knot trades and 12 foot swells one day! The wind was whistling through the rigging steadily and loudly! It was a lot of fun after we got used to the situation. Surprisingly dry even, aside from flying spray. That afternoon gave us a lot of confidence in the dory-type hull; no wonder all of those fisherman could go out to the Grand Banks and bob around!

Here we're wrestling with the Weekender, sans cabin, inside the reef at Anini. Anini was the site of the original Triad's development as well. There are a few artsy Triad-in-Hawaii shots here. We spent quite some time sailing up and down the reef, testing things and getting some snorkling in as well!

These shots were taken on the Hanalei River, which proved to be sailable for a short distance.

This is a photo of this particular Weekender under construction. We were borrowing an unsed shed from a friend. It happened to be located in the middle of around a thousand acres of undeveloped land, which meant we had amazing, unsullied views, but no power or water. We used a generator and brown-bagged it for a month-and-a-half while we worked on the boat.

These shots were taken at this girl's eighth birthday party. Her father was a big proponent of traditional Hawaiian sailing canoes, and she soloed the Weekender for her birthday!