What sort of materials and construction methods are used to build these projects?

What kind of tools will I need?

I am very interested in seeing one of your boats in person before I build.
How do I go about finding someone near me?

What kind of glue should I use?
Where can I find the glue you call for?

How much experience do I need?

Do you use epoxy and fiberglass?

Which boat should I start with?

Which boat is easiest to sail?

I like the Pocket Yacht idea, but can't decide which one I should build.

Why do you like the Weekender more than the Pocket Cruiser or the Vacationer?

Which Pocket Yacht is easiest to build?

What are the cabin dimensions of the Pocket Yachts?

What about the cockpit dimensions?

These aren't big enough for me. Why can't I just increase the size of the Weekender or the Vacationer?

How much do these projects cost?

Can I get a materials list for the project I'm interested in so I can estimate costs?

How long will it take to build?

I don't see anything about ballast in the Pocket Yachts.
Are they self-righting?

I want to go deep-water cruising. Are these the boats for me?

What about sails?

What do the plans include?

I like tiller steering better than a wheel. How can I change my Weekender over to a tiller?

I hear some people referring to a Weekender II. What's the deal?

Can the Pocket Cruiser be built without the bilgeboards (like the Weekender)?

How do I find the 19' lumber needed for the Vacationer Keel?

I need a trailer for the Weekender. What should I get?

My question isn't here. How do I find out what I want to know?